Dear Members,

Over the past 24 hours, I have been consulting with numerous people regarding the terrible event that occurred at the Middle School yesterday. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the things that were discussed. Our Superintendent Liaison meeting has been rescheduled until after the break so that we may have an opportunity to gather as much information between now and then as possible. I visited the building this morning to meet with building representatives. Several topics were discussed. I also spent time this afternoon speaking with the Board of Education President about concerns and possible solutions.

Let me begin by praising the many people who swiftly acted without hesitation during yesterday's crisis. The descriptions that were told to me were clearly traumatic. No teacher should be required to turn a belt or a necktie into a tourniquet, and that is precisely what happened. In my conversations at the Middle School, the topics of cell phone service, substitute coverages in the cafeteria and lockdown procedures were all raised as concerns. These matters will be brought to the attention of the Superintendent at our meeting, as well as the ongoing concern of repeat offenders. No teachers' union should be required to file a grievance because a student was not suspended for assaulting a teacher. As you know, this topic was addressed in my Message from the President this month. Regarding my conversation with the Board of Education President, I have been assured that the concerns from community members and teachers about bullying and mental health will continue to be addressed. A meeting has been scheduled between TAL and the Lindenhurst Board of Education on April 25th.

If you have any concerns and/or suggestions that you would like to have brought to the attention of the District, please forward them to a building representative so that they are able to share them with us at our next Central Council meeting. Please do not hesitate to voice your concerns. Once again, I praise all of those who were involved for handling a terrible situation with such bravery. You make us all proud.

In Solidarity,
Michael Pastore