The Purpose of this association is to:

  1. Promote the welfare of its members;
  2. Advance the standards of the teaching profession;
  3. Promote the interest of public education in our community.


Executive Office

President - Mike Pastore

1st Vice President - John Savastano

2nd Vice President - Laura Colosa

Recording Secretary - Jennifer Kelly

Corresponding Secretary -
Karen Garguilo

Treasurer - Roseann Geiger

Building Representation

High School Building Reps

Academy & Lead Rep -
Anne Jeannine Cuzzo

Math -
Kevin Cullen

Grievance Chair, Pra. Arts, Business & Guidance -
Patricia Dowd

Foreign Language & Art -
Timothy Henderson

English, & Psych -
Dawn DeSimone

Social Studies -
Robert Jantzen

Special Ed. & Social Work -
Richard Sikorsky

Performming Arts, P.E, P.L, Health,
Library & ROTC -

Joseph Zerbo

Middle School Building Reps

Grievance Chair, Art, Reading, OT/PT & Speech -
Sean McGevna

Lead Rep, Computers, Library, P.E., Health & FACS -
Jenna Smakal

Science & Foreign Language/ELL -
Richard Ledek

Music, Guidance, Social Workers &
Psychologists -

Kathleen Reilly

6th grade -
Kate Hynes

Math & English (7/8 gr) -
Patricia Fudim

Social Studies & Inclusion
Teachers (7/8 gr) -

Anthony Sinatra

Technology & Special Ed. -
Frank LoCascio

Elementary Building Reps

Albany -  Greg Alvino, Robin Cahill

Alleghany - Karen Bianco, Suzanne Steiger

Daniel Street - Maureen Benson, Victoria Cacioppo, Tracy Kraemer

Harding - Kristen Alamia, Gina Marie Krumholz

West Gates - Roseanne Mulholland, Roseanne Henning

William Rall - Dawn Masterson, Chris Connell, Michele Rollman

Special Education Liaison -
Maureen Benson

Lead Elementary Rep - Dawn Masterson

Occupational Therapist Rep -
Kristen Alamia

Lindenhurst Representation at the State and National Levels

NYSUT Delegates

Michael C. Smith

Karen Garguilo

Greg Alvino

Sean McGevna

AFT Delegates

Sean McGevna

Doug Read

Michael C. Smith

Anne Jeaninne Cuzzo