One year ago, our lives changed in ways that were unimaginable. One year later, we find ourselves steadily returning to a normal routine. We are not quite there yet. Our lives will certainly be different. The virus is one of those historic occurrences that result in a permanent societal change.

I ask that we all reflect on the things that are most important to us. Our daily lives, both personally and professionally, have been tested for an entire year of the pandemic. Many of us have lost family and friends. Most recently, we lost a colleague.

Fran Anetrella always appreciated the things that mattered. I never once heard her complain. She performed her teaching responsibilities with the love and care that makes our profession one of the most respected in the country. When describing Fran, many of her closest friends repeated the same phrases. “She loved her students.” “She loved her job.” “She loved this place.” Do you notice the recurring theme?

We will certainly miss all of the friends and family members who we have lost. Let us honor them by emulating their most positive attributes, and let us learn from each other what makes ours one of the most respected professions for a young person to pursue.

In solidarity,
Michael Pastore