Below, you'll find a recording of the Retirement Webinar that was recorded on March 18th 2020.

Thank you to everyone who joined our online retirement Webinar.
This is a "private" video so it can not be found by searching Youtube. The video is also available on the TAL Lindenhurst Facebook page.

Thank you very much to Ed Kelleher, Michele Locascio and Sue Pardon for your expertise and contributions!

Below you'll find a synopsis of the questions and answers from the online chat that was happening in the video. We hope you find this information useful.

Question: The dental covers until 27? I thought it was the same as the health.....26.I thought dental is not covered if kids are not in college.
Answer: The dental is until 27. That was clarified with the new plan last year. This was an upgrade that our broker negotiated for our plan last year at no additional premium. They are dropped the month after their 27th birthday.
Point of clarification: Vision covers college student up until 23.

Question: Is there an updated list of DHMO dentists?
Answer: You will have to go to For the list of dentists in your area.

Question: Are there CIGNA DHMO dentists in Florida?
Answer: Yes, they exist around the world, but the network is much smaller than the PPO.

Question: What is the empire premium for an individual?
2020 Rates
Family - $ 28,650.86
Individual - $ 12,381.84

Question: Do you have to tell the district to take the insurance premium monthly?
Answer: The insurance premium payments are automatically deducted from the pension each month. I have the premium taken out of my pension each month. I don't know about the district billing.
Good to Know: A couple of times a year Davis Vision offers a buy one get one free sale. That is the best time to use your 20% discount

Question: If we put our letter in five years ago, do we need to submit another letter?
Answer: No, if you opted for the incentive, the letter you signed at the time suffices.
Good to Know: There is an RTAL newsletter that you will receive that reminds you to submit your 1099.

Question: If you take a family plan when you retire can you reduce it if you no longer need it?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Any future plans to be able to pay electronically? (In regards to RTAL dental)
Answer: Yes, we are working on it.

Question: When do we put in our letter of intent to the district? Who does it go to? What should we say?
Answer: Answered in detail in the video.
Good to Know: You must pay your $25 RTAL dues to be eligible to get dental.

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Retirement Packet

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