This has undeniably been a school year unlike any other. We were all asked to overcome challenges that we could never have imagined four months ago. Despite the challenges, we made it clear to the Lindenhurst community that we would adapt in a manner that was consistent with the best of our
profession. In my conversations with the Superintendent and the Board of Education President, I have received nothing but positive remarks. We should all be proud of the way that we handled this unprecedented health crisis.

As we enter the summer season, it is clear that we will be facing additional challenges. Teachers will once again be called upon to reassure communities that these challenges will be met and achieved. We all hope to return to our classrooms in September. We also expect to return with a new collective
bargaining agreement. I will inform you of anything that will require your immediate attention. In the meantime, enjoy a well-deserved break.

Have a wonderful summer. Stay strong. Stay vigilant. Be well.

In solidarity,
Michael Pastore